Wahoooooo!! Yay for a new website!! So much of what I wanted behind this new site was to really show that with me and with CTP, what you see is what you get. The videos and the content on this site will either engage you, or they won't. If they don't, that's ok! The beauty in this industry is you can shop around and find who/what will be the best fit for you. But if you get my humor and my films make you ugly cry like you're watching an episode of Extreme Home Make Over, then call yo girl up, because clearly we're a match made in heaven. 

I really want to use this platform to kind of just write out everything unique that I experience when I get to work. 1. Because I have the memory of a fruit fly and 2. SEO baaaabaaayyy. I have no shame in admitting that obviously I will simultaneously through this be doing what I can to climb up those Google rankings. So here goes my attempt at condensing 5 weeks into one post to catch everyone up on the recent happenings at CTP (because clearly everyone is just DYING to know). 

I had a 3 month break from filming and fired the cameras up again for Chelsea and Kevin on April 16th when I traveled back to where the insanity that is CTP began, Bay St Louis, Mississippi. It was fitting that the week of the business's 4 year anniversary, I got to film in the same church that I filmed my very first wedding in 100 some odd weddings ago. Taking my little wedding videography business down to Bay St Louis is something that will never get old for me. In my book, Chelsea took a strong first place lead for her koozies that you could write your name on. No drink should ever go wasted or without the proper insulation and I throughly appreciated her level of concern for such a serious matter. She also completely won me over when she became my first bride to ever shotgun a beer... in the parking lot of her reception...on film...in her wedding dress. I'll admit it, it was so beautiful, I teared up a little. 

April 23rd || Jamie and Evan || I got to work with one of my besties, (is 28 too old to use this word?), at a fairly newer wedding venue to the Birmingham/Tuscaloosa market, Flagstone Farm. Shana is the part-time coordinator out there and my goodness did I fall in love with this location. It has such a perfect balance of simplicity and elegance combined with scenery that will just leave you looking like the heart eye emoji. At one point, Jamie and all of her girl cousins took turns dancing with their grandfather to "Grandpa" by The Judds. He was able in just that short period of time to dance with each and every one of his granddaughters. Meanwhile, I could be spotted at the edge of the dance floor filming it all while simultaneously watering the grass with all the tears rolling down my face. By the end of the evening, I had attempted to kidnap the owner's dog, Ryllie, because my puppy/dog fever is so real that I'm constantly flirting with committing a crime every time I see one. It's fine. 

April 30th || Rebecca and Ryan || Holy heat wave, Batman. I traveled to Columbia, South Carolina for the first time for this one and about melted 5 different times during the actual wedding day. I had no idea Columbia was known for its ridiculous heat but I learned about it real dang fast. But forget the heat, this was another "Wolfpack", (group of 20+ girls a year younger than me in my sorority) wedding, so I knew it wouldn't disappoint. It's always the best when work allows me to reconnect with people I haven't seen in years. It's also always the best when all of a sudden the wedding guests break out in, "The Star Spangled Banner" during the sparkler exit. Chalked that one up as a first.

May 7th || Kaci and Jordan || My life on wedding days is just an outright dream when I get to work with my vendor friends. 1. Because they're my friends and 2. because they are all stupid amounts of talented. These two were married out at Windwood Equestrian just south of Birmingham and I got to work with the holy grail of Birmingham vendors.  Ashley Stork of I do, I do! Wedding Planning, Christy Todd of CeCe Designs and Events, Danny D'Armond of D'Armond Catering, and lastly, Arden and Mo of Arden Ward Photogrpahy. The day was an absolute breeze due to not only the assembled team, but also the extreme level of chill both Kaci and Jordan had about everything. Of course it also never hurts when your couple literally looks like life sized Barbie and Ken dolls. No big deal. 

May 14th || Suzanne and Patrick || I travelled to good 'ol Title Town, aka Tuscaloosa, AL (cough cough, Roll Tide) for this one. The weather felt like a Saturday in October, not May. However, I'm pretty sure there could've been a hurricane with tornados and half of the bridal party could've gone missing and Suzanne wouldn't have cared because it was SO obvious all she wanted out of her wedding day was just to be married to Patrick. The message given during their ceremony hit me so hard in the feels I almost fell over the balcony in the church. I told the officiant afterwards that to date, it was one of the coolest, most unique messages I had ever had the opportunity to hear. The cherry on top of an already great two days, was getting to stay and catch up with one of Judy's (my mom) best friends from college, Miss Marion. 

And on Sunday, May 15th, I took pictures (yea, what?) like a stealthy ninja when one of my best friend's little brother proposed to his girlfriend. Let it be known, I will never do this again. The only reason I did it was because my photog partner in crime, Laura, was out of town. Out of habit, I kept switching my camera back into video mode and at one point even said, "Can I please just shoot a video instead?!!" I army crawled/scaled a damn mountain and really should've found someone that could've given me a Valium beforehand because I was a hot mess from all the nerves. But when it was all said and done, it was pretty incredible to get to see that kind of unexpected, raw happiness and joy unfold right in front of my lens. 

Welp, so much for this being short and sweet. If you've actually made it to this point, bravo, I'm impressed. You're either extremely bored at work or weirdly creeping on me. (Its ok, we all do it) 

I hope you enjoy the CTP website facelift and stay tuned for all the travels, adventures, and chaos I know 2016 is going to bring!