Birmingham - Byrdstown - Yazoo City - Tampa 

With wedding season rolling in full force like Tina did on the river, I'm currently sleep deprived with a house and car that look as though a tiny army of 4 year olds inhabit them. What's even more ridiculous is that I actually enjoy this insanity. 

Per my usual, I took Memorial Day weekend off to be with the FamJam at our lake spot in Tennessee. To my great fortune, my May 21st bride and and my June 4th bride are best friends who were in each other's weddings. Even better than getting back to back weddings with familiar faces/awesome people, I also got to FINALLY work a wedding with one of my closest friends, Laura of Jett Walker Photography. Brittany actually inquired and booked me first and when she asked who I recommended for photography, I absolutely leaped at the opportunity for us to finally share a bride. 

I actually think it ended up being a bad thing because now, I'm ruined, spoiled, and want to work every wedding with someone as in sync with me and my style of shooting as Laura is. With how much I travel for weddings, actually getting to work within the city limits of Birmingham was weirdly like being in a new city for the first time and then going to Yazoo City, MS was basically like being in a whole new world. I couldn't figure out if the downtown area wanted to be New Orleans or Charleston, but either way, I dug it. 

Photo c  ourtesy of Jett Walker Photography

Photo courtesy of Jett Walker Photography

There was a moment in the initial contact phase when Anne was hesitant in booking me because she was nervous about her wedding video looking similar to Brittany's since they both would be using the same videographer. I loved getting to explain and walk her through why it is I pride myself on the fact that when you book CTP for your wedding weekend, that is the LAST thing you have to worry about. By the end of our two week stretch, I was sitting in the hallway of the Hampton Inn in Yazoo City with Brittany and John Austin rummaging through bags of McDonald's and Taco Bell. 

I call it a serious success when you've bonded enough with your clients that they ask you what you want to eat when they go get their late night 4th meal. 

In the midst of all the normal madness that wedding season brings, I'm also juggling being a hype girl for my best friend that is battling stage 4 Melanoma. Last year, she was with my family for Memorial Day at the lake and for obvious reasons couldn't be there this year. My brother's friends always have a shirt made for the weekend and this year they surprised us with one that paid tribute to our little cancer fighting Monster. Whitney and I were able to get down last week to see her which was great. From dinners, to shopping and nails, we had a great few days weaseling around Tampa and Dade City. 

Without a doubt, the biggest laugh we got out of her the whole trip was when yours truly ran out of gas in the 98 degree Tampa heat at 1:30 in the afternoon. I can't remember the last time I was that scared. First of all, because of Ann's condition and not knowing how the heat was going to effect her but second of all (and mainly), because I swear Whitney Brooks could've killed me three times over in that moment. "YOU SHOULD NEVER HAVE LESS THAN A QUARTER OF A TANK OF GAS!!" Luckily, a gas station was just across the street so I remedied the situation pretty quickly and we were on our merry way.

So here's to perfectly placed gas stations that sell over priced 5 gallon cans as well as the new Mr and Mrs Durfey and Dr and Mrs Rush!!   

Photo courtesy of Crooked Tree Productions

Photo courtesy of Crooked Tree Productions

Photo courtesy of Crooked Tree Productions

Photo courtesy of Crooked Tree Productions