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10 Fun Facts About Kali

Written by her younger sister, Ellie.


1. Kali can out dance anyone on the dance floor. Just try to out dance her, I dare you.

2. Her profession does not come as a shock to our family. Just ask our Mother who discovered years later that a majority of our home videos were recorded over by Kali filming her own productions, that of course she starred in.

3. Kali is the most loyal and fierce family member and friend you could ever have.

4. Going off number 3... Kali will always put her family before anything else in her life.

5. For Kali, lake time is the best time, and lake hair is beautiful hair, and sangria on the lake is comparable to sangria straight outta Spain... it's the best.

6. Are you trapped in a shell of awkward shyness? Great, Kali can fix that. Awkward situations don't exist in KP's world.


7. Kali won't ever pass up a night in if it means watching ABC  family's Harry Potter marathon weekend.

8. Kali needs to MOVE, an active lifestyle is the best way to describe what makes her happy. Whether it's running outside, working out with her brother, or taking bike rides with me, Kali is moving because endorphins make you happy and happy people don't shoot their husbands.

9. Cook her some mac and cheese and you'll have her heart forever.

10. Kali is a relational person. She enjoys getting to know people and investing in their lives. Don't be surprised if Kali asks you about your life from Day 1. She's not being nosey, she's being Kali.


Meet K.P.


Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, Kali moved with her family four times over the course of 11 years before landing in Melbourne, Florida where she graduated from high school. Her college decision became a no brainer after she visited the University of Alabama campus. Graduating with a degree in Communication and Information Sciences from one of the top programs in the country, has equipped her with the foundation to achieve what she has accomplished to date.

Most importantly, making a career out of providing people with lasting memories has always been her dream. Kali has always seen the world better from behind a camera and has a natural ability for capturing those moments you never want to forget. Her passion for filming wedding days through Crooked Tree Productions is something she looks forward to each and every Saturday.



The Name

The Name

The name Crooked Tree Productions comes from the place Kali considers home, her family's cabin on Dale Hollow Lake in Byrdstown, TN.


The first half of this film (from start until 6:44) was filmed and produced by Sarah Pendergraft with Riversong Films. The second half (from 6:45 until the end) was produced by Kali Piersall with Crooked Tree Productions. 



“Kali was outstanding, went above and beyond at the wedding to not only get great footage and pictures but help out wherever needed and make sure the night ran smoothly. STRONGLY encourage other couples to engage her for their wedding day, as it goes by in a hurry and pictures don’t capture the moment anywhere near as well as a professional video." 

"I can honestly say that hiring Kali as our videographer was one of the best decisions that we made! This girl is INCREDIBLE!!! Kali was able to capture the most memorable moments of our day and put them on film for us to relive for years to come. My favorite thing about Kali, and the reason we hired her, is because of her creativity.... Kali's videos are original, fun, and authentic."

Marlo + Will