Welcome to Crooked Tree Productions

Special Event and Wedding Videography based in Birmingham, Alabama

Filming across the SouthEast since 2012

Even though we're based in Birmingham, AL, we love to travel (especially when there's cake involved).


We drop the scripts, ditch the formulas and forget any preconceived notions about what your film should look like. When the time comes, we get the film rolling and let the camera record the memories as they unfold. We have an eye for all of the unseen and subtle details that come together to create a film that is reflective of your day and yours alone.


See For Yourself

Same Location. Two Different Weddings. Two Very Different Films.




It's really annoying that you don't have prices listed on your website. Why is that?

I am completely in agreement with you. Nothing drives me crazier than not being able to check something off of my to do list because I can't find or figure out what to do in order to get it done. The truth of the matter is, there is no rhyme or reason to this other than the fact that I'm extremely extroverted and for really selfish reasons just want to talk to you. Since I work alone from home, some days the only conversations I have are with my roommate's cat. Yes I just admitted that on the internet. So call me, maybe?

What do you need from me in order to secure the date?

Hah! Just kidding, but now hopefully my real prices won't give you a heart attack. I require a $1,000 deposit to lock that date down. Upon agreeing to move forward with CTP, you will be sent several questionnaires and documents to sign all via email. Then, you can whip out Daddy's plastic (or Mom's or hey, maybe you're a boss and you're the one making that paper, you go Glen Co Co) and just pay that deposit online and you'll be good to go.

The venue I'm getting married in gave me a contract that's the size of one equivalent to buying a house. Are you capable of and okay with filming in a venue with a lot of videography guidelines?

Yes I am capable of and more than ok with filming in churches that have a lot of restrictions. Over the years I have learned that you just have to prepare for the ceremony a little differently as well as find ways to get creative with what you do have versus what you don't.

Now, I always make sure my clients understand that their video will not have certain camera angles that they might have seen in other videos of mine. I have always been very respectful of the churches wishes. Not to mention, there isn't enough money in this world (much less your wedding budget) to pay me to get on the bad side of a wedding coordinator at a church. Those women don't play.

Do we get to pick our music?

Well, unless you want a video filled with nothing but Disney classics combined with some 90s country and a splash or two of Dave Matthews then yes, I would suggest you fill out the music questionnaire that I send to all of my couples. This is YOUR wedding video, not mine. The last thing I'm about to do is put your video together to the kind of music that I like.

Now, highlights posted online are a totally different story. While I will always take and am open to suggestions, my clients know (because my contract says so) that at the end of the day, I do have the final creative say in everything. Trust me, it's not like I've ever set highlights to "A Whole New World" or anything. (But if you're into that then I'm pretty sure we just became best friends.)

Word on the street is that you have some kind of '365' rule. What does that even mean?

The rumors are true. You have heard correctly. I don't book anything, ever, unless the date is within 365 days. Keeping my bookings within 365 days allows me to have just a tad more control over making sure I don't miss out on big events with the people that I love the most. If your date is over 365 days away, still contact us! If I don't have any personal conflicts and we haven't received any other inquiries for that date, you'll be the first one on the list to get it once its a year away.

Believe it or not, I do actually have friends and family of my own that I like to kick it with on the weekends from time to time. I know it seems silly but really what it comes down to is that I suffer from an extreme diagnosis of F.O.M.O. and this is the best strategy I have to help stabilize the severity of my condition.


"What can I say - Kali and her team at CTP are amazing! Both our families fell in love with the video she created for us! It is so wonderful to replay the wedding weekend over and over again! She was so friendly, fun and super easy to work with. Would highly recommend her as a videographer to all! Thanks again CTP and Kali!"



Anna and Clay